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Ivan Saxl & Petr Ponížil

3D Voronoi tessellations generated by Poisson and lattice cluster fields

(Volume 17 (1998) — Number 2 - Sep. 1998)
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Spatial Voronoi tessellations generated by cluster fields of the germ-grain type are examined by means of simulations. The grains are Matérn clusters of globular or spherical type and the germ patterns are either the stationary Poisson point process or the cubic lattice. In particular, the effects of the cluster cardinality and size and of the germ arrangement are described and discussed. Simultaneously, the planar induced tessellations are investigated.

Keywords : 3D Voronoi tessellation, cluster fields, lattices of clusters

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Ivan Saxl & Petr Ponížil, «3D Voronoi tessellations generated by Poisson and lattice cluster fields», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 17 (1998), Number 2 - Sep. 1998, 247-252 URL :

A propos de : Ivan Saxl

Mathematical Institute, Acad. Sci. of the Czech Republic, Žitná 25, CS-115 67 Praha 1, Czech Republic

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