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Ervin E. Underwood

Stereological analysis of fracture roughness parameters

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A procedure for obtaining the area of irregular fracture surfaces in terms of profile (RL) and surface (RS) roughness parameters is presented. A parametric equation for accomplishing this objective is derived and compared to others purporting to do the same. The analytical results are evaluated with all known experimental data and good agreement is obtained with the equation RS = (4/π)(RL -1) + 1.

Keywords : nonplanar surfaces, parametric equations, quantitative fractography, roughness parameters, vertical sections

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Ervin E. Underwood, «Stereological analysis of fracture roughness parameters», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 6 (1987), Supplement II (The commemorative-memorial volume: twenty-five years of stereology) - May 1987, 169-178 URL :

Over : Ervin E. Underwood

School of Materials Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fracture & Fatigue Research Laboratory, Atlanta, GA 30332-0245