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Bernard Allouche

An operator for edge reconnection and skeletonization

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On the basis of an analogy between classical image processing problems and a simple problem of strength of materials, an operator called Δ-1 is introduced. The methodology is outlined and its advantages presented, starting by an elliptic linear partial differential equation in the form ΔA=B, where Δ represents the Laplacian. The operator's properties will not be described with mathematical formalism, but will be applied to a series of image processing problems. They will also be compared with those of other morphological operators, in order to prove their advantages.

Keywords : edge reconnection, image analysis, Laplacian, skeletonization

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Bernard Allouche, «An operator for edge reconnection and skeletonization», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 11 (1992), Number 2 - Dec. 1992, 175-184 URL :

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