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Lise Korbo & Nenad Bogdanovic

Total number of hippocampal neurons in AIDS patients and controls

(Volume 18 (1999) — Number 2 - July 1999)
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The hippocampal region of the brain, an essential component of learning and memory processes, is severely affected in Alzheimer's dementia. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is often accompanied by symptoms of dementia characterized by progressive cognitive impairment, personality changes and motor disturbances. A loss of 30% of the neocortical neurons in brains from AIDS patients has been demonstrated in several studies, and this neuron loss appears to be independent of whether or not the patients were clinically demented. With the neocortical loss in mind, the aim of the present study was to investigate a possible neuron loss in the hippocampus in non-demented cases. A stereological method - the optical fractionator - was used to estimate the total number of neurons in the five subregions of the hippocampus in nine AIDS patients and 10 controls. No difference in total neuron number was found between the two groups.

Keywords : stereology, dementia, hippocampus, total number of neurons

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Neurological  Research  Laboratory, Bartholin  Instituttet, Kommunehospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark; Stereological Research Laboratory and Department of Neurobiology, Aarhus University, Denmark

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