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William F. Whimster

Quantitative nucleology: the quantitative aspects of the study of nuclei

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The quantitation of nuclear features has proved attractive to those wishing to find cellular variables of diagnostic and prognostic value. The emerging disciplines of morphometry, stereology, static and flow cytometry, and three dimensional reconstruction, enhanced and spurred on by new computer systems and statistical methods, are being pressed into service in many laboratories. As yet only a few simple prognostic indices, applicable to specific cancers, for example of the eye, breast and bladder, have reached routine clinical practice, but the many nuclear variables under examination are reviewed and put into context.

Keywords : cancer, morphometry, nuclei, nucleoli, prognosis, stereology

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William F. Whimster, «Quantitative nucleology: the quantitative aspects of the study of nuclei», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 11 (1992), Number 1 - Quantitative histopathology - Aug. 1992, 25-34 URL :

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