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Yongqiu Zhao

The fractal analysis of impact fractlre of bearing steel

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The relationship between the fracture surface, irrpact energy, microstructure and fractal dimension of bearing steel by isothermal quenching blow the low bainitic range at different temperatures has been studied in this paper. It revealed that the fractal dimension varied linearly with the roughness of fracture surface, total length per square micron and density of tear ridge and impact energy which were affected by both the size of acicular bainite and amount of martensite.

Keywords : quantitative metallography, steel quality control

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Yongqiu Zhao, «The fractal analysis of impact fractlre of bearing steel», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 13 (1994), Number 2 - Proceedings of the sixth European congress for stereology - Part three - June 1994, 427-432 URL :

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