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Jan Cwajna

Quantitative structural criteria of steel quality control

(Volume 13 (1994) — Number 2 - Proceedings of the sixth European congress for stereology - Part three - June 1994)
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Fundamental features of steel microstructure as well as stereological and morphological parameters applied in their description are presented. A critical analysis of semiquantitative and quantitative criteria for steel quality control is done. A special attention is paid to fundamental problems of quantitative metallography, i.e. evaluation of:

- content, size and shape of nonrnetallic inclusions and other particles,

- volume fraction of phases,

- grain size and shape,

- nonhomogeneity of phase distribution,

- microstructural anisotropy.

The required properties of quantitative structural criteria for steel quality assessment are discussed. Factors affecting intra- and interindividual intrinsic variability as well as the extrinsic variability of the results of quantitative evaluation of steel microstructure are analysed.

It is shown that only a small part of stereological knowledge has found a common application in quantitative description of steel microstructure in materials science and engineering (MSE) studies and particularly in quality control. Some recommendations, based on the latest achievements in stereology and image analysis, to improve this state are proposed.

Keywords : quantitative metallography, steel quality control

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