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Piet Stroeven

Steel wire efficiency in mechanical testing of concrete

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In concrete technology steel wires are generally assumed being “randomly” distributed through the material. The efficiency in improving mechanical characteristics is therefore expressed in a constant reduction factor with respect to a material reinforced by an unidirectional system of similar wires. This holds for analytical approaches underlying design as well as for the experimental assessment of material parameters. Stereological notions have been employed for modelling partially oriented wire systems. Using this concept, the orientation distribution is studied of the sub-set of wires responsible for improvements in mechanical characteristics. Results are applied to interpret various pull-out test set-ups used in practice.

Keywords : concrete, cracking, mechanical testing, pull-out, reinforcement efficiency, wire orientation

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Piet Stroeven, «Steel wire efficiency in mechanical testing of concrete», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 13 (1994), Number 2 - Proceedings of the sixth European congress for stereology - Part three - June 1994, 363-368 URL :

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Stevin Laboratory, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Stevinweg 4, 2628 CN Delft, The Netherlands