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Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Quantitative studies of recrystallization in polycrystalline materials

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The results are reported on quantitative studies of continuous and discontinuous recrystallization in polycrystalline oz-Fe. The described changes in the geometry of the grain boundaries give better insight into the processes taking place in the microstiucture of polycrystal as a result of straining and annealing.

Keywords : grain growth, plastic deformation, Quantitative description of grains, recrystallization

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Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski, «Quantitative studies of recrystallization in polycrystalline materials», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 13 (1994), Number 2 - Proceedings of the sixth European congress for stereology - Part three - June 1994, 277-280 URL :

Acerca de: Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, 02-524 Warsaw, Narbutta 85, POLAND