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Dominique Niorthe

Autocorrelation function: a good tool for fracture network analysis

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Autocorrelation permits the determination of zones with a high probability of encountering object. This technique has been used on points or digitalized lines but all applications are on satellite images or on thin sections for strain quantification.

In this work, autocorrelation is used for fracture network analysis on working faces for the determination of geometrical parameters with no measurements on each of the extracted discontinuities in order to quarry exploitation and optimization. This technique has been experimented with classical operators for fracture extraction. Binary images are obtained after thresholding and simplification. The autocorrelation image characterise few parameters: 1) the importance of each discontinuity family in the network characterised by the value of the grey level 2) fracture spacing by family orientation 3) the smallest and common shape of all discontinuities.

Keywords : autocorrelation, fracturation, image analysis, orientation, spacing, structural parameters

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Dominique Niorthe, «Autocorrelation function: a good tool for fracture network analysis», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 13 (1994), Number 1 - Proceedings of the sixth European congress for stereology - Part two - May 1994, 177-182 URL :

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