Planning to submit a contribution to the Bulletin de la Société Royale deSciences of Liège?

- Ensure that the topic is within the scope of the Bulletin (see tab "Presentation of the journal"). If in doubt, contact the Editor-in-Chief, Georges C. Lognay.

- The Bulletin publishes articles, reviews (the latter mainly by invitation) and conference proceedings. If you have a proposal for a review article, contact the Editor-in-Chief Georges C. Lognay beforehand.

- The Bulletin only publishes original contributions, which have not been published (partially or totally) elsewhere and which are not under consideration for publication (partially or totally) in another journal .

- The Bulletin publishes contributions in English or French.

- Articles are published in the Bulletin in electronic form (reference pdf version + html version), in open access under the CC BY 4.0 license. There are no authors' fees. Authors retain their rights and can publicly self-archive their article in the publisher's post-print version.

Preparing your article for submission to the Bulletin

The article should be submitted as a pdf file prepared according to the following guidelines:

- article prepared with Microsoft Word

- article prepared with LibreOffice

- article prepared with LaTeX

Submitting an article

All the documents listed below should be submitted by email to the Editor-in-Chief Georges C. Lognay ( Receipt will be acknowledged by the Editor-in-Chief within a few days. The reference code received in the acknowledgment email must be mentioned in all further correspondence with members of the Editorial team.

1. The manuscript

to be submitted in the form of a pdf file respecting the guidelines cited above.

2. A letter to the editor-in-chief

- Justifying the interest and originality of the work and describing the target readership;

- Certifying that the submission has not previously been published (partially or totally) and is not currently being considered for publication in another journal (partially or totally);

- Including the professional email address of each co-author and certifying that each co-author has explicitly agreed to the submission of the manuscript;

- Certifying that agreement from the authors' institutions, if necessary, has been obtained.

3. (If applicable) the authorizations necessary for the reproduction of figures or other elements from articles published elsewhere;

4. (Optional) the names of several possible reviewers

The people suggested cannot belong to the same institution as the authors. If it is decided to contact reviewers from this list, they will be asked about their proximity to the authors of the article and about any conflicts of interest.

Procedure for evaluating your submission to the Bulletin

1. Preliminary technical assessment

- Have all the required documents been provided and does their content comply with the above indications?

- Does the version of the article provided for evaluation include line numbering?

- Have a title, abstract and list of keywords in English been provided?

- Have the sections "Author contributions" and "Conflicts of interest" been completed in the article?

2. Preliminary scientific assessment by the editor-in-chief

- Is the topic included within the scope of the Bulletin?

- Is the quality of the writing (clarity, grammar, spelling, etc.), of the figures and tables (clarity and legibility) and of the bibliography (complete references, with DOI if available, and date of consultation in the event of a citation from a website) sufficient to send this submission for evaluation by an external reviewer?

- Does the submitted work present significant similarities with previously published work?

3. External evaluation by single-blind peer review

Either the editor-in-chief or the associate editor in charge of the submission will ask for an evaluation report by one or several external reviewer(s) whose identity will not be revealed to the authors. The editor-in-chief or the associate editor acts as the interface between the reviewer(s) and the author(s) during the evaluation of the initial manuscript and (possible) revised version(s).

4. Decision

The final decision is communicated to the authors by the editor-in-chief or the associate editor in charge of the submission.

Publication of accepted articles in the Bulletin

The publishing team will contact you to obtain, on a case-by-case basis, the files necessary for the online publication of your article. At this point, the content of the article can no longer be modified.