Willy Viaene

Henryk Kucha, Willy Viaene & Rudy Swennen
Replacement phenomena in Zn-Pb deposits of the Verviers and Namur synclinoria, Belgium
Volume 112 (1989)Fascicule 1
Katleen Maes, Carry Peeters, Philippe Muchez, Rudy Swennen & Willy Viaene
The occurrence of paleosols in the lower Visean of the Walhorn section (Vesder Basin, E-Belgium)
Volume 112 (1989)Fascicule 1
Philippe Muchez & Willy Viaene
Zoned calcite cements : their occurrence and influence on the Mn/Fe ratio of Visean limestones of the Campine-Brabant Basin, Belgium
Volume 112 (1989)Fascicule 1
Philippe Muchez & Willy Viaene
Lithogeochemistry of the Dinantian strata of the Campine-Brabant Basin (northern Belgium)
Volume 113 (1990)Fascicule 2
Koen Vogel, Philippe Muchez & Willy Viaene
Collapse breccias and sedimentary conglomerates in the Lower Visean of the Vesdre area (E-Belgium)
Volume 113 (1990)Fascicule 2
Philippe Muchez, Willy Viaene, Jos Bouckaert, Raphaël Conil, Michiel Dusar, Eddy Poty, Paul Soille & Noël Vandenberghe
The occurrence of a microbial buildup at Poederlee (Campine Basin, Belgium) : biostratigraphy, sedimentology, early diagenesis and significance for early Warnantian paleogeography
Volume 113 (1990)Fascicule 2
Philippe Muchez, Raphaël Conil, Willy Viaene, Jos Bouckaert & Eddy Poty
Sedimentology and Biostratigraphy of the Visean carbonates of the Heibaart (DzH1) borehole (Northern Belgium)
Volume 110 (1987)Fascicule 2
Rudy Swennen, Willy Viaene, Jos Bouckaert, Kirill V. Simakov & Paul Van Oyen
Lithogeochemistry of Upper Famennian-Tournaisian strata in the Omolon area (NE-USSR) and its implications
Volume 109 (1986)Fascicule 1 (Late Devonian events around the Old Red Continent)
Walter De Vos, Willy Viaene, Jules Moreau & Jacques Wautier
Minéralogie du gisement de Kipushi, Shaba, Zaïre
Publications spéciales = special publicationsGisements stratiformes et provinces cuprifères - Centenaire de la Société Géologique de Belgique, 1974

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