Monika Wolf

Martin J.M. Bless, Jos Bouckaert, Thierry Camelbeeck, Léon Dejonghe, Alain Demoulin, Christian Dupuis, P.J. (Sjeuf) Felder, Fernand Geukens, Frans Gullentops, Luc Hance, John W.M. Jagt, Etienne Juvigné, Ulrich Kramm, André Ozer, Albert Pissart, Francis Robaszynski, R. Schumacker, A. Smolderen, G. Spaeth, Philippe Steemans, Maurice Streel, Georges Vandenven, Michel Vanguestaine, R. Walter & Monika Wolf
The Stavelot Massif from Cambrian to recent. A survey of the present state of knowledge
Volume 113 (1990)Fascicule 2
Monika Wolf & Martin J.M. Bless
Coal-petrographic investigations on samples from the boreholes Thermae 2000 and Thermae 2002 (Valkenburg a/d Geul, the Netherlands)
Volume 110 (1987)Fascicule 1 (Upper Cretaceous and Dinantian geology and hydrogeology of the Thermae boreholes of Valkenburg aan de Geul (South-Limburg, the Netherlands))

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