Mia Van Steenwinkel

Mia Van Steenwinkel
The Devonian-Carboniferous boundary : comparison between the Dinant Synclinorium and the northern border of the Rhenish Slate Mountains : a sequence-stratigraphic view
Volume 115 (1992)Fascicule 2 - Devonian-Carboniferous boundary
Luc Hance, Philippe Muchez, Michel Coen, X.-S. Fang, Eric Groessens, H. Hou, Eddy Poty, Philippe Steemans, Maurice Streel, Z. Tan, Francis Tourneur, Mia Van Steenwinkel & S.-C. Xu
Biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy at the Devonian-Carboniferous transition in southern China (Hunan province). Comparison with southern Belgium
Volume 116 (1993)Fascicule 2 - Carboniferous biostratigraphy
Eva Paproth, Raphaël Conil, Martin J.M. Bless, Paul Boonen, Jos Bouckaert, N. Carpentier, Michel Coen, Bernard Delcambre, Ch. Deprijck, S. Deuzon, Roland Dreesen, Eric Groessens, Luc Hance, Michel Hennebert, Dominique Hibo, G. Hahn, R. Hahn, O. Hislaire, Werner Kasig, Martin Laloux, Alain S. Lauwers, Alan Lees, Maurice Lys, K. Op de beek, Pierre Overlau, Henri Pirlet, Eddy Poty, W. Ramsbottom, Maurice Streel, Rudy Swennen, Jacques Thorez, Michel Vanguestaine, Mia Van Steenwinkel & Jean-Louis Vieslet
Bio- and lithostratigraphic subdivisions of the Dinantian in Belgium, a review
Volume 106 (1983)Fascicule 2

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