Michiel Dusar

Michiel Dusar
The Westphalian C in the Campine basin : coal content influenced by tectonics
Volume 112 (1989)Fascicule 1
Michiel Dusar, Roland Dreesen & Rudy Swennen
Geological reconnaissance in the subsurface of the north Belgium : recent results by the Belgian geological survey
Volume 112 (1989)Fascicule 1
Michiel Dusar, Jos Bouckaert & Paul Verkaeren
The hard coal reserves of the Campine mining basin
Volume 113 (1990)Fascicule 2
Philippe Muchez, Willy Viaene, Jos Bouckaert, Raphaël Conil, Michiel Dusar, Eddy Poty, Paul Soille & Noël Vandenberghe
The occurrence of a microbial buildup at Poederlee (Campine Basin, Belgium) : biostratigraphy, sedimentology, early diagenesis and significance for early Warnantian paleogeography
Volume 113 (1990)Fascicule 2
Eva Paproth, Michiel Dusar, Paul Verkaeren & Martin J.M. Bless
Stratigraphy and cyclic nature of lower Westphalian deposits in the boreholes KB174 and KB206 in the Belgian Campine
Volume 117 (1994)Fascicule 1 - Stratigraphie du Paléozoïque : Hommage à Maurice Streel
David J. Batten, Maurice Streel, Michiel Dusar & Martin J.M. Bless
Late Cretaceous palynomorphs from the boreholes Thermae 2002 (Valkenburg a/d Geul, the Netherlands) and ‘s-Gravenvoeren (Belgium)
Volume 110 (1987)Fascicule 1 (Upper Cretaceous and Dinantian geology and hydrogeology of the Thermae boreholes of Valkenburg aan de Geul (South-Limburg, the Netherlands))
Michiel Dusar, Rudy Swennen & Zhang Shouyue
Triassic carbonates as the host rock for karstification : Tenglong Cave and the Lichuan karst (West Hubei, China)
Volume 116 (1993)Fascicule 1
Eva Paproth, Michiel Dusar, Martin J.M. Bless, Jos Bouckaert, André Delmer, Muriel Fairon-Demaret, E. Houlleberghs, Martin Laloux, P. Pierart, Yvonne Somers, Maurice Streel, Jacques Thorez & Jean Tricot
Bio- and lithostratigraphic subdivisions of the Silesian in Belgium, a review
Volume 106 (1983)Fascicule 2
Martin J.M. Bless, Paul Boonen, Michiel Dusar & Paul Soille
Microfossils and depositional environment of late Dinantian carbonates at Heibaart (northern Belgium)
Volume 104 (1981)Fascicule 1
Jos Bouckaert, Michiel Dusar & E. van de Velde
Exploration for coal in the Neeroeteren-Rotem area (Campine coalfield of the Campine-Brabant basin NE Belgium): preliminary results of a seismic survey carried out in December 1980 - January 1981
Volume 104 (1981)Fascicule 2
Jos Bouckaert, Raphaël Conil, Michiel Dusar & Maurice Streel
Stratigraphic interpretation of the Tohogne borehole (province of Luxembourg). Devonian - Carboniferous transition
Volume 100 (1977)Volume complet
Michiel Dusar
Devonian-Carboniferous transition beds in the region of Hamoir-sur-Ourthe
Volume 99 (1976)Fascicule 2
Michiel Dusar & Roland Dreesen
Étude biostratigraphique du Famennien inférieur dans les environs de Theux
Volume 99 (1976)Fascicule 2
Michiel Dusar
The Lower Famennian at the southeastern border of the Dinant basin
Volume 99 (1976)Fascicule 2

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