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J. Lopez Ruiz

The zoning of garnets as an indicator of the P.T. history of their host-rocks

(Volume 99 (1976) — Fascicule 2)
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This paper deals with the different types of zoning shown by metamorphic and igneous garnets. A tentative relationship between zoning and physical conditions of the host-rock during and after crystallization of garnets is inferred.

On the basis of the data presented, it is suggested that rocks whose garnets show normal zoning (i.e. a progressive decrease in Mn-content from core to rim) were subjected to no further thermodynamic activity after the crystallization of this mineral. On the other hand, garnets with Mn-enriched rims and reverse zoning (i.e. a progressive enrichment in Mn from core to rim) indicate an important change in the P and/or T conditions after the initial crystallization of garnets.

It is suggested that garnets with Mn-enriched rims were subjected to the new thermodynamic activity for a relatively short space of time. Reverse zoning suggests activity over a longer period with temperatures high enough to allow significant internal diffusion.

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J. Lopez Ruiz, «The zoning of garnets as an indicator of the P.T. history of their host-rocks», Annales de la Société géologique de Belgique [En ligne], Volume 99 (1976), Fascicule 2, 337 - 346 URL :

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