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Jorge Oyarzún Muñoz

On stratiform copper deposits of Chile

(Volume 98 (1975) — Fascicule 1)
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Stratiform copper deposits are abundant in Mesozoic and Cenozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Chile and, in some way, are related to calc-alkaline volcanism that has been active in this region during both Eras.

There are also stratiform deposits of manganese, of Paleozoic, Cretaceous and Pleistocene age, wich are also related to volcanism, and iron deposits of Paleozoic and Pleistocene age. The last ones correspond to El Laco magnetite flow, emplaced in a modern andesitic volcanic system in the Altiplano region of the Antofagasta province.

The highly specialized copper-rich metallogenesis of the base metal stratiform deposits of Chile is pointed out.

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Jorge Oyarzún Muñoz, «On stratiform copper deposits of Chile», Annales de la Société géologique de Belgique [En ligne], Volume 98 (1975), Fascicule 1, 17 - 21 URL :

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