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Camille Ek

De la connaissance du milieu karstique à sa gestion

(Volume 108 (1985) — Volume complet)
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From the Knowledge of Karst to its Management.

The knowledge of karst processes is in rapid expansion, mainly as regards fundamental research and technical studies. On the other hand, a lot of progress remains to be made as far as human activities and interactions between man and karst processes are concerned.

Progress in rational use of karst and its proper management is influenced by the exchange of relevant information in all the concerned spheres. It is also dependent on the setting up of global projects involving a systemic approach.

Impact studies are presented as a positive means of finding long term solutions to the land management of karst areas. Only an appropriate distribution of information and a global vision of all the problems make such studies really efficient. This of course can only be achieved if the authors of the impact studies are neither dependent on nor controlled by the promotors of a specific project.

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