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Vaughan D.C. Daltry

The type mineralogy of Africa : Zaire

(Volume 115 (1992) — Fascicule 1)
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The type-mineralogy of Zaire is reviewed. One hundred and ninety five type-minerals and mineral names are presented, comprising ninety one valid and one hundred and four non-valid type-phases. Zaire is the most productive African country for type-minerals. The ninety one approved species are described from twenty five type-localities. Thirty one of these minerals still remain unique to the respective type-occurrence. The Shinkolobwe deposit is the most prolific producer of new type-minerals in Zaire, ranking second in Africa as a whole. The Kobokobo pegmatite is the second most prolific producer of new minerals in Zaire; many of the recorded type-minerals from Kobokobo are unique to the deposit. Fifty three type-uranyl species are recorded from Zaire. The world's largest single assemblages of type-uranyl oxide hydrates and type-uranyl phosphates occur at Shinkolobwe and Kobokobo, respectively. Zaire is thus far the only documented source for REE-uranyl carbonate, uranyl selenite and thiocyanide phases.

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Vaughan D.C. Daltry, «The type mineralogy of Africa : Zaire», Annales de la Société géologique de Belgique [En ligne], Volume 115 (1992), Fascicule 1, 33-62 URL :

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