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Jean-Paul Barthélemy

Pierre Naïder Fanfan, Nicolas Mabon, Philippe Thonart, Georges Lognay, Alfred Copin & Jean-Paul Barthélemy
Investigations on Cationic Exchange Capacity and Unused Bed Zone according to operational conditions in a Fixed Bed Reactor for water lead removal by a natural zeolite
volume 10 (2006)numéro 2
Michaël Dermience, Françoise Mathieu, Jean-Paul Barthélemy, Philippe Maesen, Jean-Michel Romnee, Viviane De Maertelaer, Dechen Yangzom, Pema Tsewang & Georges Lognay
The relevance of food composition data for nutrition surveys in rural Tibet: pilot study in the context of Kashin-Beck Disease
Volume 17 (2013)numéro 1

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