Geologica Belgica

1374-8505 2034-1954


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Alain DEMOULIN, Florence QUESNEL, Christian DUPUIS, Philippe GERRIENNE & Johan YANS
Cenomanian sands and clays north of the Vesdre valley: the oldest known Cretaceous deposits in eastern Belgium
volume 13 (2010)number 3
Maurice STREEL, Jérémie BEGHIN, Philippe GERRIENNE, Marie-Noëlle HINDRYCKX, Cedric LUTHERS, Mona COURT-PICON, Philippe FRANKARD, Mohammed ALLAN & Nathalie FAGEL
Late Subatlantic history of the ombrotrophic Misten Bog (Eastern Belgium) based on high resolution pollen, testate amoebae and macrofossil analysis
volume 17 (2014)number 2
Sébastien OLIVE, Gaël CLEMENT, Julien DENAYER, Claire DERYCKE, Vincent DUPRET, Philippe GERRIENNE, Pierre GUERIAU, Jean-Marc MARION, Bernard Mottequin & Cyrille PRESTIANNI
Flora and fauna from a new Famennian (Upper Devonian) locality at Becco, eastern Belgium
volume 18 (2015)number 2-4

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