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Camille EK

Propos disparates autour de la géographie physique

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Index de mots-clés : épistémologie, géographie physique, spéléologie, paradigmes


Rambling thoughts about physical geography

Theories and paradigms succeed each other as time passes by. Some of the paradigms display a strong tendency to degenerate into laws and rules.

Applied research requires team work and hierarchy. It should not be the only kind of research.

Financial support is essential to support fundamental research, some of which must remain independent.

Systemic approach to research, even in physical geography, thrusts the Human to the forefront. Man becomes an agent, as well as a subject to the process.

Research should be structured and open to provide us with the most essential elements necessary, to correctly validate the theories and to be useful to mankind.

Index by keyword : epistemology, physical geography, speleology, paradigms

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