Th. Henning

F. Przygodda, B. Lopez, M. Dugué, S. Wolf, U. Graser, Ph. Mathias, P. Antonelli, J.-C. Augerau, N. Berruyer, Y. Bresson, O. Chesneau, A. Dutrey, S. Flament, Ph. Gitton, A. Glazenborg, Th. Henning, K.-H. Hofmann, Y. Hugue, S. Kraus, S. Lagarde, Ch. Leinert, K. Meisenheimer, J.-L. Menut, A. Roussel & G. Weigelt
APreS-MIDI - a Concept for Aperture Synthesis in the MID-Infrared with the VLTI and Future Interferometers
Technology roadmap for future interferometric facilities, Proceedings of the European Interferometry Initiative Workshop organized in the context of the 2005 Join European and National Astronomy Meeting "Distant Worlds", 6 - 8 July 2005, Liège University, Institute of Astrophysics, Edited by J. Surdej, D. Caro, and A. Detal
Volume 74 - Année 2005Numéros 1-2- 3

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